At Hospitality Insurance Group, we take the risk out of hospitality!

When your business serves or sells liquor, it’s always best to play it safe. At Hospitality Insurance Group we seek to provide the best insurance coverage possible to protect businesses in what is known to be a high-risk industry.

Do you own a bar or restaurant? We have the bar and restaurant insurance you need!

Do you own a catering business with on-premises and off-premises exposures? We have the catering insurance you need!

Hospitality Insurance Group provides comprehensive commercial insurance policies to businesses in the hospitality industry. We offer commercial property, general liability, liquor liability and excess coverage policies as well as general liability and liquor liability coverage for temporary events on a one-day or annual basis.

Commercial Property

Our commercial property policy is a comprehensive policy that can protect establishments from covered property losses. We offer special form property insurance for building and contents that automatically includes equipment breakdown coverage.

We also offer an attractive commercial property enhancement endorsement that provides a multitude of additional coverages. Some highlights of the endorsement include:

  • Spoilage due to mechanical breakdown
  • Employee theft
  • Money & securities – inside/outside
  • Electronic data
  • Building ordinance
  • Brands & labels
  • Personnel effects and property of others
  • Property off premises
  • Off premises utility service failure

*Equipment breakdown coverage not available in Rhode Island

We also cater to individual client’s needs with our attractive property endorsements to include losses that may not be covered in the commercial property policy. Some of the additional endorsements we offer include:

  • Loss of income
  • Spoilage, including power outages, contamination, breakdown
  • Sign coverage

General Liability

Our general liability policy protects businesses and their staff from a wide range of liability claims. We offer a comprehensive underlying policy that includes on-premises and off-premises exposures as well as the opportunity to purchase excess liability policies to sit over our liquor and general liability policies.

Discounts are offered to those who purchase both liquor liability and general liability coverage from Hospitality Insurance Group. A general liability assault and battery endorsement is available to businesses who purchase both policies as well.

Hired and non-owned auto is available for businesses that do not have valet parking or delivery services.  Additional insureds can also be added to our general liability policy.  We also offer EPL (Employment Practices Liability) coverage as an addition to our General Liability policy.

General liability coverage for special or temporary events is now available.

Liquor Liability

Businesses in the hospitality industry that serve or sell liquor are at tremendous risk for unexpected claims. Hospitality Insurance Group offers liquor liability coverage to thousands of businesses including:

  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Social clubs
  • Special events
  • Package stores
  • Caterers
  • Taverns
  • Bowling alleys
  • Other establishments that serve or sell liquor

In Massachusetts, it is required by law for businesses that serve or sell liquor to have liquor liability coverage with minimum limits of $250,000/$500,000.

We recognize the risk businesses in the hospitality industry face for liquor-related assault and battery claims.  We offer Assault & Battery coverage by endorsement for full limits and several sub-limit options to provide you with the coverage you need. We also offer the option to add an additional insured to the policy.

Clients who qualify for preferred liquor rates are eligible for substantially reduced premiums with additional savings for establishments that purchase package policies and/or general liability and liquor liability coverage.

Discounts are available for those insured who are members of their state restaurant association.

Click here for more information on your state’s restaurant association.

We also offer discounts to policyholders that meet our requirements for specialized training programs. Some of these programs include alcohol-awareness training, use of age verification systems, and security training programs.

Click here for a list of approved training programs.

Temporary Events

At Hospitality Insurance Group, we recognize the need for liability coverage for something as small as a one-day event. We offer general liability and liquor liability for temporary events that involve selling or serving liquor.

Temporary events can include:

  • Weddings
  • Cocktail parties
  • Picnics
  • Birthday parties
  • Any other one-day event that involves liquor

We also offer annual temporary event policies for entities that host multiple special events throughout the year. Both our annual and one-day temporary event premiums are cost-effective and will give you the assurance and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected from unexpected claims.

Excess Liability

If your business experienced a catastrophic loss, would it survive? Don’t let a disastrous claim ruin your business. Make sure you’re fully protected in the event of a major loss by purchasing an Excess Liability Policy from Hospitality Insurance Group.

Excess liability coverage provides you with an added layer of security in the case that your business is named in a catastrophic lawsuit. Excess liability insurance provides higher limits once the limits of your underlying policies have been reached.

We offer a follow form Excess Liability Policy that extends the Liquor Liability occurrence limit, the General Liability occurrence limit, and the optional Assault & Battery occurrence limit to the limits stated in your Excess Policy.

Coverage features and benefits include:

  • Excess will only sit over Liquor Liability, General Liability and Employer’s Liability
  • Extends Liquor Liability occurrence limit, General Liability occurrence limit, optional Assault & Battery occurrence limit and Employer’s Liability limits
  • You must have both your Liquor Liability and General Liability with Hospitality Insurance Group.
  • Agents – Acord Application required to obtain a quote

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