eRiskHub® Risk Management Portal: Mitigate the Effects of a Data Breach

Data breaches cost companies roughly $3.8 billion in 2018, and analysts expect costs to go higher as businesses rely on technological innovations to improve their business processes.

restaurant interior photoWith the frequency and scope of data breaches likely to increase, Hospitality Insurance Group now offers the eRiskHub® Management Tool at no extra cost for its cyber insureds to help mitigate the effects of a data breach.

Businesses must react fast when a data breach occurs, but the challenge is on knowing exactly how to proceed. Addressing data breaches in an efficient and well-thought out manner could help you maintain your customers’ trust and protect the
reputation you have worked hard to build.

As part of Hospitality Insurance Group’s Cyber coverages, eRiskHub can help businesses understand their IT security risks. Additionally, this tool will help decision makers develop a response plan that can help manage costs and minimize the effects of a data breach.

eRiskHub, a risk management portal, also provides its users with instant access to informative resources. Key features of the eRiskHub portal include:

Incident Roadmap

Users will find suggested steps to take after a network or data breach.

Cyber & Privacy News

The portal provides users with access to cyber security risk stories, security and compliance blogs, risk management events, and more.


Business owners can use a complimentary directory to find information on pre-post data breach disciplines.

Cyber Risk Tools

The portal includes self-assessment and localized data breach laws.

Online Training

Ready-to-use training is available for business owners, which detail privacy best practices and Red Flag Rules.

Tech Support

A help desk provides solutions to a variety of issues including virus removal, internet connectivity problems, and even managing new wireless networks.

Even More In-Depth Assistance. . .

Best practices articles, white papers, and webinars from leading technical and legal practitioners will also be available to users.

A data breach can happen to businesses of any size. Help safeguard your businesses’ operations, reputation, and customer trust by using our eRiskHub portal. Call your insurance agent for steps on how to register.