Excess Liability

Don’t let a catastrophic claim ruin your business. 

If your business experienced a catastrophic loss, would it survive? Don’t let a disastrous claim ruin your livelihood. Make sure you’re fully protected in the event of a major loss by purchasing an Excess Liability Policy from Hospitality Insurance Group.

An added layer of security.

Excess liability coverage provides you with an added layer of security in the case that your business is named in a catastrophic lawsuit. Excess liability insurance provides higher limits once the limits of your underlying policies have been reached.

We offer a follow form Excess Liability Policy that extends the Liquor Liability occurrence limit, the General Liability occurrence limit, the optional Assault & Battery occurrence limit and the Employer’s Liability limits to the limits stated in your Excess Policy.

Coverage features and benefits include:

  • Excess will only sit over Liquor Liability, General Liability and Employer’s Liability
  • Extends Liquor Liability occurrence limit, General Liability occurrence limit, optional Assault & Battery occurrence limit and Employer’s Liability limits
  • You must have both your Liquor Liability and General Liability with Hospitality Insurance Group.
  • Agents – Acord Application required to obtain a quote

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