Frequently Asked Questions

Will reporting incidents that do not lead to a claim affect my premium?

No! Premiums are not affected by reported incidents that do not lead to a claim.

Will my insurance be cancelled if there is an increased frequency of reported incidents?

No! Hospitality Insurance Group cannot cancel any policy based on reporting frequency.

How does prompt reporting help me?

Prompt reporting leads to prompt investigation. Prompt investigation leads to a better defense. A better defense leads to a better result. Better results lead to more stable premiums.

What information is required when I report my incident?

How, when and where the bodily injury or damage took place, and the names and addresses of any injured persons and witnesses.

How do I report the incident?

Claim forms are available from your agent or from this Web site (click here). Completed forms should always be submitted to your agent by e-mail or fax as quickly as possible. Your agent will notify Hospitality Insurance Group.

Agents: Please submit all Incident Report forms to


For more information on reporting a claim, please contact Stephanie Connon at 508-366-1140 or