Report A Claim

Report A Claim

All Hospitality Insurance Group policyholders should take note that:

  • If you become aware of any incidents at your business, you must report a claim to Hospitality Insurance Group or your independent agent promptly.
  • Not only is prompt notification a condition of your policy, it is also in your best interest. Prompt reporting ensures that details are captured accurately before memories fade. It also enables us to contact witnesses quickly, while we can still reach them.

How To Report A Claim:

  1.  Policyholder: Complete this Incident Report form.
  2.  Submit the Incident Report form to your insurance agent by e-mail or fax as quickly as possible
  3.  Agent: Forward the completed Incident Report form to

After Hours Commercial Property Claim Reporting:

Please call 1-877-302-0203 and dial “0” for the on-call property adjuster. Leave a detailed message if the adjuster is serving another policyholder. You will receive a prompt response.  If you report a claim during an Hospitality Insurance Group office closure, you may call 1-877-302-0203 and speak with a property adjuster. Liability claim reports must be reported to

Commercial property policyholders located in North Carolina:  

Please call 1-919-832-6614 for the on-call property adjuster.  Leave a detailed message if the adjuster is serving another policyholder.  You will receive a prompt response.


For claims questions or inquiries, please e-mail Stephanie Connon, Esq.  Senior Vice President of Claims, at or call us toll-free at 877-366-1140.