Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability protection for your business.

At Hospitality Insurance Group, our general liability policy protects businesses and their staff from a wide range of liability claims. We offer a comprehensive underlying policy that includes on-premises and off-premises exposures as well as the opportunity to purchase excess liability policies to sit over our liquor and general liability policies.

Discounts are offered to those who purchase both liquor liability and general liability coverage from Hospitality Insurance Group. A general liability assault and battery endorsement is available to businesses who purchase both policies as well.

Hired and non-owned auto is available for businesses that do not have valet parking or delivery services.  Additional insureds can also be added to our general liability policy.  We also offer EPL (Employment Practices Liability) coverage as an addition to our General Liability policy.

General liability coverage for special or temporary events is now available.

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To learn more about our products and coverages, please contact your local independent insurance agent today or contact Hospitality Insurance Group directly at 877-366-1140 (toll free).