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Learn how to save up to 20% on your liquor liability policy

Liquor liability insurance designed to protect your business.

Hospitality Insurance Group writes liquor liability insurance in Massachusetts, as well as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Clients who qualify for preferred liquor rates are eligible for substantially reduced premiums with additional savings for establishments that purchase package policies and/or general liability and liquor liability coverage.

Does your business have a liquor exposure?

Hospitality Insurance Group offers liquor liability insurance coverage to thousands of businesses including:

  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Social clubs
  • Special events
  • Package stores
  • Caterers
  • Taverns
  • Bowling alleys
  • Other establishments that serve or sell liquor

Reasons to choose Hospitality Insurance

  • Admitted carrier backed by our state’s guarantee fund
  • Competitive coverages
  • Claim handling expertise
  • Pay as you pour billing—a unique payment option that matches premium payments to liquor sales cash flow
  • No year-end audits when previous years’ sales verification is provided

We also offer discounts to policyholders that meet our requirements for specialized training programs. Some of these programs include alcohol-awareness training, use of age verification systems, and security training programs.

Click here for a list of approved training programs.

Learn More/Find an Agent

To see if your business qualifies for coverage with Hospitality Insurance Group, please contact your local independent insurance agent today or contact Hospitality Insurance Group directly at 877-366-1140 (toll-free).  For a list of local independent agents, click here.

If your agent is looking for a wholesaler so they can provide you with Hospitality’s tailored coverages, click here for a list in your area.

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North Carolina Restaurant And Lodging Association

“I’ve been a member of the PRLA for 20 years because I believe in the mission of the organization.  Regardless of the good this organization does for our restaurants, it would be financially foolish not to belong.  Combining my liquor liability insurance discount and the purchasing rebate program, my restaurants saved $6,000 for the dues investment of $1,500.  I wish I could get that return on my food cost!”

Mick Owens
President, Mick’s All American Pub
President, Maize Mexican Cantina