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    Hospitality Insurance Group provides liquor liability insurance coverage for restaurant establishments in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

    When your business serves or sells liquor, it’s always best to play it safe. At Hospitality Insurance Group (HIG) we seek to provide the best liquor liability insurance coverage possible to protect establishments in what is known to be a high-risk industry.

    We offer commercial property, general liability,liquor liability and excess policies to owners of establishments that serve or sell liquor including bars, taverns, restaurants, social clubs and liquor stores, as well as caterers and other qualified businesses.

    For Independent Insurance Agents looking to sell insurance to their clientele in the restaurant industry, we offer attractive commissions and the ability to reach a largely untapped market.

    For bar and restaurant owners, liquor store owners, social clubs, caterers and other business owners with the potential for liquor liability, we offer affordable, comprehensive coverage, with add-ons for assault and battery and property damage.

    Now Available


    Our NEW BOP program is now available! 

    We’ll now be able to compete for your BOP business! For years we’ve had to pass on quoting against BOP programs because of coverage and pricing issues. Those days are gone and we welcome the opportunity to write your BOP business.

    In general, our BOP program includes the following classes:

    • Restaurants, with or without alcohol sales
    • Package/liquor stores
    • Convenience stores – no gas
    • Commercial condominiums
    • LROs
    • Many main street retail classes.

    By the end of March 2022 we’ll be launching a new agent portal to provide agents with quote/issue capability on approved BOP business and access to other information such as policy documents, billing information and loss runs.

    Click here to see “Frequently Asked Questions” and learn more about the program. Check back often as we will continue to provide more details as we close in on our launch date.



    Pay as you Pour is an exclusive financing option offered by Hospitality Insurance Group and First Insurance Funding for liquor liability policyholders.  A signed premium finance agreement with First Insurance Funding is required to participate in the program and the business must have a verifiable sales tracking system. Policyholders report actual sales data bi-monthly through the First’s Pay as you Pour portal.  Eligible POS system users can have sales data automatically reported for them. This program is now available for new and renewal business.
    Some of the highlights of the program include:

    • A down payment of only 10%
    • Attractive finance rates
    • Improved cash flow – payments are based on actual monthly sales
    • An easy-to-use on-line reporting portal
    • Easier to renew – no chasing down last year’s sales – we already have it

    Watch this video of our Pay as you Pour webinar to learn more about the program.

    For more information e-mail Sandra Haley (shaley@hmic.com) or Mark Trombly (mtrombly@hmic.com)

    Quoting Business with us just got EASIER!

    One thing we have all become accustomed to during COVID-19 is change. There has been plenty of it and there is sure to be more to come.  We are announcing a temporary change to our sales verification process that we believe will make it much easier for you to get a quote from Hospitality.

    See the changes below and share them with your staff that works with Hospitality Insurance Group.  These changes are effective immediately and are intended to make renewing business and placing new business with us easier to do. 

    Sales Verification will not be required for renewals. 

    For Renewals, or accounts coming back to us, (who did not renew or cancelled due to COVID-19) which we are treating as renewals, send us the renewal app and we will do the rest.   

    For New Business, we will quote “subject to” receipt of pre-COVID sales before binding.  

    Send us the new business liquor app and indicate PRE COVID annual sales and we will quote subject to.

    If you like our quote, we will require sales verification Pre Covid to support our quote or update our quote. 
    Exceptions:  – Liquor Stores – will still require sales verification for both New and Renewal business as these establishments were not affected by COVID-19.

    If you have any questions regarding these changes, please reach out to your underwriter or marketing representative.

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    Pay Your Premium Online

    Hospitality Insurance Group is excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Xpress-pay, a leading ePayment solution provider, to provide our policyholders with a faster, more convenient way of making premium payments. We’re confident this will be a great addition to the service we provide you!

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