BOP Frequently Asked Questions

When will the BOP product be available?

Our BOP product is now available in MA, CT, RI, NH, PA and NC.

Will agents be able to quote BOP policies from their agency?

Yes, we are working on an agency portal that will provide agents with quoting and issuance capability of BOP and associated liquor policies. Expected release is estimated to be the end of the first quarter of 2022. Watch for updates in our Weekly Check In messages.

Is the BOP auditable?

Yes, upon renewal we will ask for sales verification for those businesses rated on sales.

Will businesses that do not serve or sell alcohol qualify for the BOP?


Is the liquor coverage an endorsement to the BOP?

No, it will be a stand-alone liquor policy which agents will be able to quote and issue.

Is the BOP with an associated liquor policy going to be one bill or two bills?

 We will be able to link all business into one account bill.

Will EFT billing be offered?

Yes, Same billing program as currently offered.

Will BOP policies automatically renew each year?

Policies will not automatically renew; however, we will be working towards automatic renewals.

Will new BOP policies require sales verification?

Our sales verification policy is as follows; For any new BOP policy rated on a sales basis (restaurants (with or without liquor) package stores and convenience stores) if Total Sales are over $1mm will require a recent 12 months of sales verification. If Total sales are $1mm or less, no sales verification will be required (we will ask for this upon renewal).

What is the commission on the BOP?

 20% new and renewal.

What classes of business will you be writing on the BOP?

Generally, restaurants from fast food to fine dining (with or without alcohol), package/convenience stores (with or without gas), commercial condominiums, LROs and main street retail classes.

What % liquor sales qualify for the BOP?

The BOP will allow up to 50% liquor sales for qualified risks. Those open after midnight or with entertainment will not qualify.


For more information on BOP, please contact Stephanie Connon at 508-366-1140 or