You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?


You Accidentally Served A Minor, Now What?

 In the United States, it is illegal to serve alcohol to someone under the age of 21.  But what if you asked for identification and were provided with a fake id without knowing?

Steps to take upon discovery:

  • Ask the person to leave.
  • Ensure management is notified immediately.
  • Document the incident and include the person’s information (if it’s available) 
  • Call your independent insurance agency or insurance company.

 While every situation is different, consequences can be severe. If found to be in violation of the law, the establishment’s liquor license could be suspended, modified or revoked.  Apcalis 20 mg

Here are a few questions we ask our policyholders when a situation like this is reported that may be useful to include in your internal documentation. 

  1.  Did you ask for proper identification upon entry?
  2. Had the person already consumed alcohol prior to entry?
  3. How many drinks was the minor served at your bar?
  4. How long was the minor in the bar?
  5. What kind of behavior did the minor display at the establishment?
  6. Is there surveillance of the minor at the bar? 

To encourage Hospitality Insurance Group policyholders to provide their staff with effective alcohol-awareness training, we have an approved rate discount of 10% for insureds when 100% of management and at least 75% of non-management alcoholic beverage servers obtain certification in an approved alcohol-awareness program. Cheap Xanax online

 Learn more about our approved training programs or click here to learn about working with Hospitality Insurance Group. 

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