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Pay Online

Pay Your Premium Online

Hospitality Insurance Group is excited to announce that we’ve recently partnered with Xpress-pay, a leading ePayment solution provider, to provide our policyholders with a faster, more convenient way of making premium payments. We’re confident this will be a great addition to the service we provide you!

Hospitality Mutual Insurance Co.

MA Policyholders

Hospitality Insurance Co.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Payments

Which link should I use to submit payment?
Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company
For policyholders in Massachusetts.
Hospitality Insurance Company
For policyholders in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania & Vermont
What payments are accepted?
We now accept payment by Electronic Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
Am I able to set up an account to save my payment information?
 Yes, when you make payment, you are asked if you would like to set up an Xpress pay account.  If you check yes, it will allow you to create a password and your credit card or check information will be saved to your account.
Am I able to set up recurring payments?
Yes. Once an Xpress pay account is set up you can also set up recurring payments as well.
What if I don’t have my recent billing statement or have questions about your online payment system?
Please contact our office at 1-877-366-1140.
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Excess Liability – Expanded Guidelines and Reduced Pricing

Excess Liability – Expanded Guidelines and Reduced Pricing

Hospitality Insurance Group’s new expanded guidelines and reduced pricing for independent insurance agents who write an excess liability policy are effective immediately!

When writing an excess liability policy with us in the past we required that the Liquor Liability and General Liability coverages be written with us. Our new expanded guidelines allow you to also write an Excess Liability policy with us when we write the Liquor Liability and the General Liability is written as part of a BOP with an A. M. Best A rated or better carrier. This should provide you with additional opportunities to write Excess Liability policies with us.

We have also REDUCED minimum premiums on our excess policies. The $1MM Excess minimum premium has been reduced to $750 from $1,000 and $2MM minimum premiums have been reduced to $500 from $750.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

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Agent Update: Verification Of Restaurant Sales

How To Verify Restaurant Sales With Hospitality Insurance Group


We are pleased to announce the following changes to our current audit procedures to simplify our liquor liability insurance renewal and new hospitality insurance submissions, increase the accuracy of pricing, and eliminate the unpopular audit process.

Our current process requires two steps, one for completing the renewal application and a request for the insured to complete a self-audit. Over the years this process has been confusing to policyholders and compliance on self-audits has been very low.

Billing additional premium for an expired policy term is confusing and upsetting to insureds. To enhance our ease of doing business we are combining these steps into a new one-step process described below.

Effective October 1, 2018, we will discontinue the practice of sending self-liquor-audit requests to policyholders. Sales verification information of the restaurant (see options to choose from) will now be submitted with new and renewal business applications and will provide us with the ability to accurately price business on the new or renewal date for the upcoming policy period with no further action required.

Verification will eliminate the need to process audit premium invoices for additional and return premiums as we’ll only look to make policy sales figure changes prospectively.

To provide you with additional time to gather the sales verification information, we will be increasing the lead time for receiving your agency’s policy expiration list from 60 days to 90 days.

You may find a listing of the options for sales verification below.

For new restaurant ventures, we’ll accept a pro forma business plan with estimates for sales and base our quotes on that estimate. You may review sales transactions after six months and endorse the policy to reduce/increase sales based on actual supported sales results.

Sales verification is a critical item in developing and maintaining a competitive rate structure, and we appreciate the input we received from many of you while we were developing this new process.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this a more efficient and policyholder friendly experience.

*Sales Verification Documentation Options

  • Print out of the insured’s POS system for the past 12 months
  • MassTaxConnect – Mass online Sales Tax form for the past 12 months (Massachusetts Only)
  • Accounting statement for the past 12 months (signed by a licensed accountant)
  • Pro Forma business plan (new ventures only)

You can find the new liquor liability application form here and the renewal application here.

Disclaimer: While we intend to replace the majority of premium audits with this new procedure, Liquor Liability policies remain auditable, and the company reserves the right to audit any insurance policy.

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Liquor Liability Insurance Now Mandatory in Rhode Island

Liquor Liability Insurance Now A Mandatory Law in Rhode Island

Effective August 1, 2017

Do you insure liquor stores, restaurants or bars situated in the State of Rhode Island?

Effective August 1st, liquor liability insurance in the state of Rhode Island will become mandatory.

The Rhode Island House and Senate recently passed legislation that will require any applicant or holder of a liquor license to maintain liquor liability and commercial general liability insurance as a condition of renewing a liquor license or applying for a new liquor license. Insurance coverage shall be no less than $300,000.

Obtaining Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage In Rhode Island 

If you are an Independent Insurance Agent, click here to learn more about working with Hospitality Insurance Group to provide liquor liability insurance to your customers or fill out this form to request more information.

If you are a business owner in Rhode Island looking for liquor liability insurance coverage, click here to contact one of our preferred Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island or find answers to some of your frequently asked questions about our insurance coverage here.

Are you a member of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association? RIHA members receive 20% off with Hospitality Insurance Group!

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Agent Update: New & Renewed Business

You asked, we listened! Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices on new and renewal business. Many of our agency partners requested that policies be mailed out upon binding with invoices enclosed in order to make it easier for payment to be remitted to us.

Effective March 15, 2017, Hospitality Insurance Group will be sending invoices on new and renewal business. Many of our agency partners requested that policies be mailed out upon binding with invoices enclosed in order to make it easier for payment to be remitted to us.

Many of our agency partners requested that policies be mailed out upon binding with invoices enclosed in order to make it easier for payment to be remitted to us.

What does this actually mean to our agency partners?

We will no longer be holding new and renewal policies for payments to arrive. Once we receive the bind order and PROOF of payment, we will be mailing our agents the policies along with the invoices. We ask that when you remit payment to us that you enclose the invoice so that we can appropriately match the funds to the correct account.

Endorsements will still be emailed electronically to your agency. The endorsement Additional Premium or Return Premium will be reflected on the last page of the revised declaration page sent to your agency and WILL not be accompanied by an invoice. There is no change to the endorsement processing from what currently exists.

We hope that you will be pleased with this new procedure!