Count On Experienced Insurers for Your General Liability Needs


Restaurants and bars face a litany of general liability risks that are often overlooked. It could be the spiraling staircase or the featured dish of the week that increases a business’ risk for general liability claims. As part of an ongoing series to help business owners in the hospitality industry prevent losses, Hospitality Insurance Group is highlighting the common risks that could make businesses insolvent.

“Well run businesses with processes and procedures will always save money,” said Richard E. Welch Jr., President & CEO of Hospitality Insurance Group. Welch suggests working with an insurer that understands the risks a restaurant or bar might encounter to receive the proper general liability coverage needed.

“General liability coverage is designed to protect businesses from the liabilities that generally come up in the course of business for a bar or restaurant,” Welch said. “The level of risk associated with any business can vary based on a large number of factors.”

The most common type of liability comes from slip and falls, according to Welch. Other important risks to consider is the level of floors, the type of food being served, and injuries resulting from service accidents.

Having the proper general liability coverage is crucial for staying in business. If your restaurant or bar does not have adequate coverage, you risk losing everything you worked hard to acquire.

Ask your insurance agent if your coverage comes from Hospitality Insurance Group, and take immediate action today to help prevent significant losses.

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