Liquor Liability: The Season to Sell


Looking to target bars, restaurants, social clubs and the like? There’s no better time than now.

Since 2010, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has mandated all liquor licensees provide proof of insurance to their local licensing authority when filing a request for a new liquor license or when renewing an existing liquor license. With all licenses renewing on January 1st, now is the time to target these establishments to ensure they not only have the coverage mandated by the state but the coverage they need to protect their establishment against costly claims.

The Act has two components: (1) it mandates liquor liability insurance for establishments with pouring licenses, and (2) it revises existing law to be consistent with the new mandatory liquor liability insurance requirement. The first component is discussed below.

Mandatory Liquor Liability Insurance Requirements

The law requires liquor licensees serving alcoholic beverages on premises to obtain liability coverage for bodily injury or death for a minimum amount of $250,000 for injury to or death of one person, and $500,000 for any one accident resulting in injury to or death to more than one person. Insurance companies offering such coverage must do so in accordance with the ratemaking provisions and filing requirements of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.

The law requires that any applicant for a pouring license or for renewal of a pouring license must file a certificate of insurance in a form acceptable to the local licensing authority prior to issuance of any such license or renewal.

What does this mean for agents?

There is no better time than now to target those liquor-serving establishments, but don’t wait until the last minute. Hospitality Insurance Group is ready to accept applications to provide a comprehensive and competitive quote. We will work with you to issue your liquor liability policy so you can align all of your client’s coverage’s into one expiration date.

We now offer:

  • Package Policies (Property and General Liability)
  • Stand-alone Liquor Liability with optional GL Assault and Battery
  • Stand-alone General Liability
  • Excess Liability (up to an additional $3 million)
  • Property Damage

So if you haven’t tried Hospitality Insurance Group lately, please give us the opportunity to provide you with superior service and competitive pricing. When talking liquor liability, this is the season to sell.

John Tympanick is the President & CEO/Director of Hospitality Insurance Group


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