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Insurance: A Necessary Evil

Most people find buying insurance a necessary evil.  No one wants to spend monies for an intangible item like insurance, but having it is not only a smart business decision in order to protect your property and your financial assets, it is usually a condition of getting a mortgage on a building. Some people purchase insurance for peace of mind, some purchase because they are forced to, and others purchase because they have suffered a prior loss and did not have insurance to cover the loss!

Your business faces plenty of threats—from fire to fraud, dishonest employees to dissatisfied customers and disconnected utilities. It’s important to understand the risks your business faces and what coverage you need to protect yourself.

Property insurance, which protects buildings and their contents such as equipment, furnishings and inventory, is the most popular kind of protection for small businesses. Banks and mortgage lenders insist you carry property insurance. Why do they care? Insurance protects the lender’s investment in case the property is damaged.

Business interruption insurance pays not just the lost sales, rent and payroll costs while you rebuild your business after an accident, but it also pays for you to rent a temporary office or equipment so you can get back on your feet quicker.

General Liability insurance is less common than property insurance among small companies but arguably more important. A claim for a serious injury could easily wipe you out. Liability insurance covers any injury or damage your company might cause to other people, their reputation or their property.

Liquor Liability insurance is mandatory in some states if you are in the business of serving or selling alcohol, but in many states it is not required.  Liquor liability pays if you are negligent in serving a minor or in over serving an individual who leaves your establishment and gets into an accident harming themselves or innocent people. When purchasing liquor liability coverage, be sure that your policy includes Assault & Battery coverage!

Before you go shopping for insurance, investigate what perils a company in your industry is most likely to face and which could threaten your company’s survival. It’s always better to play it safe!

Sandra Haley is the Senior VP Underwriting & Marketing at Hospitality Insurance Group. 

Please be advised that the opinions expressed are the views of the author alone and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity and shall not constitute a legal opinion.

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Welcome to Remove the Risk

At Hospitality Insurance Group, we live by our motto ‘taking the risk out of hospitality.’ Our goal is to help businesses in the hospitality industry mitigate the risk the industry inevitably brings.

Hospitality Insurance Group made a conscious decision to specialize in the hospitality industry. We see the importance in being able to recognize and accommodate the needs of the niche market we serve and the value of building lasting relationships with our agents and policyholders.

Protecting our policyholders is our first priority.

We do our very best to protect our policyholders against the dangers they face on a daily basis, especially when they are in the business of serving or selling liquor. Each and every day patrons enter our insureds establishments, and with each drink they serve the risk the business faces subsequently increases.

The media is full of reports of tragedies caused by drunk driving or underage drinking, but who is to blame for these disasters? Unfortunately, the liability more often than not lies on the establishment(s). The question is not: Why did the patron that drank too much get behind the wheel and drive home? Or why did the 19-year-old go into a store with a fake ID to illegally purchase liquor? Instead, the question is: Where was the overly intoxicated driver drinking before they got behind the wheel? Or who sold liquor to the 19-year-old with improper identification?

The assurance and peace of mind you need.

It is our job to not only provide the assurance and peace of mind our policyholders need that a claim will be paid in the case that they cannot pay out of pocket, but it is also our job to help our insureds minimize the likelihood that they’ll face a costly lawsuit or a liability claim.

So how do we do this, you might ask?

For us, risk management has taken the form of offering substantial discounts on insurance premiums to subsidizing valuable training for alcohol servers and security staff. But we do not want to settle for employee training and reduced premiums. We want to take things a step further and start educating our agents and insureds about many of the issues the hospitality industry faces.

Knowledge is power.

Education is one of the most powerful tools known to man. The more educated one is, the more success they are likely to see. Remove the Risk Blog is here to educate you on the potential dangers that face the hospitality industry, how you can confront those dangers before they happen, and what the consequences might be if you don’t.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced insurance professionals are here to help you!

For more information about Hospitality Insurance Group, please visit our website at or call us toll free at 877-366-1140. 


Please be advised that the opinions expressed are the views of the author alone and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity and shall not constitute a legal opinion.