How Much Will Liquor Liability Insurance Cost For A Temporary Event?


Wine & chocolate tastings, Bar Mitzvahs, and weddings are just a few examples of “temporary” events where we write their liquor liability insurance. But one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How Much Will Liquor Liability Insurance Cost For A Temporary Event?”

A temporary event is considered a single, multi-day event that could be a wedding, cocktail party, catering off-site, or special occasion that involves serving liquor.

In addition to offering establishments an ongoing liquor liability insurance policy, Hospitality Insurance Group offers temporary event liquor liability insurance and general liability for smaller events to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re protected from unexpected claims.

Examples of some of the temporary events we’ve written include:

Wine & Chocolate Tasting

One-Day Temporary Event
Boston, Massachusetts
Limits: GL & LIQ 1M/1M/2M
Bartending Service in NH Mono-Line LIQ
New Venture with prior experience
Limits: 1M/1M/2M
Premium: $1,277


Bar Mitzvah

Special Event
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania
Liquor Liability
Limits 1M/1M/2M
Number of Attendees: 70
Total Premium: $416

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Hospitality Insurance Group is, how much does it cost?

Our answer, “it depends.”
For temporary event insurance coverage, Hospitality Insurance Group has five different options with various limits available up to $1Million dollars available.

Our policy amounts range from $125 – $416.

Please note that the rate ranges above shall apply for each day or fraction of a day for which the Insured shall serve or sell alcoholic beverages.

Looking to request coverage for a temporary event?

You can click here to contact one of our preferred partners to request coverage and be sure to include:

• Your name and address, and a description of your business
• A detailed description of the event, including the date, time and duration
• Location of event
• Expected number and age range of attendees
• Whether liquor will be served or sold and whether it’s free of charge or available for purchase
• Types of entertainment to be provided (live band, DJ, dancers, etc.)
• Names of entities requiring coverage as additional insureds
• Estimated liquor sales receipts

Or you can contact your local Independent Insurance Agent and advise them to fill out our  Temporary Event Application for coverage here.