September 2017 Liquor Liability Policies


September 2017 Liquor Liability Policies

Take a look at some of the policies Hospitality Insurance Group wrote in September 2017 including the type of coverage included, insurance discounts applied and a glimpse at the total insurance premium.

Wine & Chocolate Tasting One-Day Temporary Event Boston
Limits: GL & LIQ 1M/1M/2M
Bartending Service in NH Mono-Line LIQ
New Venture with prior experience
Limits: 1M/1M/2M
Premium: $1,277

Social Club in Littlestown, PA
Coverage Needed:
Limits: 1M/1M/2M
Total Sales:$745K
Liquor to Food Sales Ratio: 66%
Endorsements: GL A&B Buy back
Discounts Applied:
– Alcohol Awareness Training
– PA Taverns Membership Discount
Total Premium: $9,438

Bar/Tavern in Lawrence, MA
Coverage Needed: Package with Liquor
Limits: CP: Business Personal Property $200,000 with ACV at 80% co-insurance; GL; 1M/2M; LL: 500/1M
Total Sales: $80,000 Liquor + $20,000 Food = $100,000
Liquor to Food Sales Ratio: 80%
Endorsements: LL: GL A&B Endorsement and Property Damage
Discounts Applied: Alcohol Awareness Credit;
Total Premium: $5,752 (CP $2,930 + LL $2,822) = $5,752