Why You Need Liquor Liability Coverage

Why You Need Liquor Liability Coverage

In today’s world, businesses can be held liable for practically anything. That’s especially  true in the hospitality industry, where businesses may be named in lawsuits for incidents that occured off premises or were only remotely connected to the establishment.

Offer yourself the assurance and peace of mind that come from knowing your business is protected from unexpected claims.

Why else should liquor licensees be interested in purchasing commercial property, general liability, liquor liability and excess liability insurance?

One verdict in Boston topped $40 million, while two awards in Worcester, MA each topped $20 million.

Coverage is affordable.

The cost of liquor liability insurance is relatively low. Today, many businesses can get liquor liability protection for less per day than the cost of a single alcoholic drink. Yet the cost of not having liquor liability coverage can be enormous.

Premiums for general liability and excess coverage are also reasonable.

Hospitality Insurance Group offers comprehensive coverage.

Hospitality Insurance Group offers comprehensive coverage of up to $1 million per person/$1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate ($1 million/$1 million/$2 million) for liquor liability. Excess coverage can provide up to $3 million in additional coverage, increasing your total limit to $4 million.

Hospitality Insurance Group also offers:

  • Commercial property coverage for buildings, personal property, inventory and loss of income
  • Property enhancement endorsement
  • Comprehensive general liability coverage with limits of $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate, with no deductibles
  • Liquor liability coverage of up to $1 million per person; $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate with no deductibles
  • Excess coverage, providing an additional $3 million in limits over liquor and general liability coverage
  • Assault and battery coverage for liquor and non-liquor-related incidents
  • Expanded property damage coverage
  • A 10% discount for clients if 100% of managers and 75% of servers participate in an approved alcohol-training program. For a listing of approved programs, click here
  • A 50% discount for assault and battery coverage if 100% of managers and 75% of servers participate in an approved security training program. For a listing of approved programs, click here *
  • A 10% discount for establishments that close by 8 p.m.
  • A 20% discount for establishments that are members of their state restaurant association *

*Varies by state.

The truth is, there’s no excuse for not having the proper coverage. For additional details, contact your insurance agent, or Hospitality Insurance Group at SHaley@hmic.com or toll free at 877-366-1140.

Who Is Eligible?

Hospitality Insurance Group’s liquor liability, CGL and excess coverage insurance is available for owners of taverns, hotels, restaurants, social clubs and package stores, and for caterers and other businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

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