September 2018 Liquor Liability Insurance Policies


Take a look at some of the liquor liability insurance policies Hospitality Insurance Group wrote in September 2018 including the type of coverage included, insurance discounts applied and a glimpse at the total insurance premium.

  • Restaurant
  • Springfield, MA
  • CP $151,000 BPP and $370,000 BI; GL:  1M/2M; LL:  1M/2M
  • $881,334
  • 39%
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto and AI on GL; GL A&B and PD on LL
    • Alcohol Awareness Training
    • Member of Restaurant Association
    • Elite Discount
  • $9,359 Total; CP: $1,862; GL:  $2,436; LL:  $3,562; EL:  $1,499



  • Bar
  • Greenville, NC
  • $1M/$1M/$2M
  • $1.1M
  • 84.6%
  • No
    • Alcohol Awareness Training
    • Member of Restaurant Association
  • $13,200 (LL)


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